Dex Randall Burnout to Leadership Coach

Do you have these burnout symptoms?

  • Procrastination

  • No 'off switch'

  • Anger and Resentment

  • Perfectionism

Happy at work
  • Stress drops dramatically

  • You don't wake at night worrying about work

  • Solutions to work problems come more readily

  • You emerge out of hiding and feel like chatting to people again

  • Colleagues start to compliment you

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Stop worrying about your tasks, time, status, performance, other people's opinions and job security.

Work Less Hours

Work less but better. Forget the always-on mentality, overwork, overwhelm and procrastination.

Find Your Passion

Reignite your enthusiasm for work, without changing your job or the people. Move away from anger, frustration and low morale.

Enjoy People More

Heart-centred Leadership

Be the leader you are on the inside. Turn the people at work back in to allies, so they respect and seek out your leadership.

Take back control of your results. Start contributing your best, from true generosity and care, and feel greater reward.

Dex Randall