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Find your lost work mojo

If you're fed up with your ongoing stress, overwork, anger and frustration at work - watch this.

Find your mojo at work

It's possible and I will teach you how.


No BS. Just simple techniques to reverse your current stressful and unrewarding experience.

We both know you can't just walk away from stress

But I'm guessing you're not discussing your stress with others, at work or at home, other than to complain about how F*CKD it is.


You're overworked and under-rewarded, worrying about your performance and job security. You feel trapped and financially at risk.


Probably you're not getting on so well with your team at work.


Yet you're a high achiever who used to be bulletproof, able to fix anything, right? Broad shoulders, razor-sharp intelligence, a capable leader. 

Even now, you've been trying a bunch of things to fix your work situation yourself.


How did that go? Ready to switch jobs now?




No problem, you've had a flame out - I get it. There's a better way. I know, I used it on myself.

That's me in ICU after my heart attack -->

I was working at a FinTech startup and I had too much stress. I was burnt out.

Stonewalled, I couldn't fulfil my responsibilities.


I abruptly quit my job one Tuesday, realising that this level of stress was going to kill me.

Couple of weeks later I had a heart attack running on the beach in the morning. It was a close shave.


I decided to learn everything I could about fixing burnout.

Fast forward 3 years

Oh boy, did I learn a lot. I don't have that level of stress any more. Now I help other professional guys in chronic stress and anxiety, who've lost their mojo at work and think it isn't coming back.

I got my mojo back and I'd love for you to find yours too. Please don't wait until you crash. Burnout sucks.

I can teach you exactly how I recovered. Come and talk to me and let's make a recovery plan for you.

Three steps to find your lost work mojo

  • Reduce Stress, Anxiety and Overwork

    You've read lots of advice about how to reduce stress and overwork, but I've got news for you - they're telling you all the wrong things. I've only found one way that worked for me. I will share it with you. It's really simple.

  • Perform Better and Feel the Reward

    If you're feeling frustrated and disengaged, it's tough to perform at your best and you will feel unrecognised and unrewarded. I will show you the key changes you can make to pivot your performance and sense of reward.

  • Command Leadership Respect

    If you've lost status at work and you're worried that people don't respect you like they used to, or you're not at your best around teammates, discover how to rebuild your leadership mojo.

    Get the people around you back onside. 

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Here's what others got from this free consult

I battle perfectionism, people pleasing, indecisiveness, shame, guilt, and anxiety. My happiness is extrinsically linked. I see now how I can get exponential growth in my personal and professional life. Dex is an amazing coach. He will guide you, and open your mind to things you never knew possible.



I'm feeling really a sense of possibility right now. I need to work with my anxiety. Dex really helped me to understand myself more. That's one of my biggest takeaways.  


Sales Area Manager

I recovered my work mojo...

and I can teach you how to do the same.

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