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My name's Dex Randall
I help men emerge from burnout in to heart-centred leadership.

Are you in burnout?

...You're more stressed at work, more often, than you used to be. When you 'finish' work for the day, it follows you home, so you're checking messages all evening, unable to focus on your partner or family. You wake up at 2am worrying about work.


You're a high achiever, used to solving every problem.

But now your workload is overwhelming and expectations unrealistic. You're anxious that others are judging you and that makes you irritable. You start avoiding people. Nothing is fun any more.


Day by day, you become more demoralised and exhausted. It's wearing you out. There's no relief.


You try to motivate yourself every morning, but you're too tired and pissed off. You hardly care. Making more effort to fix things just increases your anxiety. You try to perfect your work, but get even less done. You're further behind, yet you never used to be like this.  It all looks a bit hopeless. You want to change jobs/career, but doubt that it will work out.


That's a recipe for burnout.

If that's you - No Worries, burnout is completely fixable

Burnout recovery doesn't come from job or lifestyle changes - and here's why:


Men who recover from burnout are just men who learned a process to recover from burnout.

​I will teach you that process.

Then we'll build up your performance and leadership mojo.

Do you have these burnout symptoms?

  • Stress and anxiety

  • Exhaustion/overwork

  • Procrastination

  • No 'off switch'

  • Loss of motivation

  • Disengagement/cynicism

  • Lack of fulfilment

  • Anger and Resentment

  • Impatience/frustration

  • Avoidance of people/tasks

  • Self-criticism

  • Perfectionism

  • Lacklustre performance

  • People-pleasing

You can fix burnout

Happy at work

With one-on-one expert guidance, use practical techniques to systematically combat all the major symptoms of burnout such as stress, anxiety, procrastination, overwork, low mood, frustration, lack of reward and loss of motivation.

How you will know you're leaving burnout:

  • The lurking dread of failure disappears

  • Stress drops dramatically

  • Productivity improves and paradoxically you have more free time

  • You don't wake at night worrying about work

  • Solutions to work problems come more readily

  • You emerge out of hiding and feel like chatting to people again

  • Colleagues start to compliment you

  • Your partner and/or kids start smiling at you when you get home from work, and you start smiling back

Then we can develop your highest leadership potential.
Here's what you can achieve with this leadership coaching

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Stop worrying about your tasks, time, status, performance, other people's opinions and job security.

Work Less Hours

Work less but better. Forget the always-on mentality, overwork, overwhelm and procrastination.

Find Your Passion

Reignite your enthusiasm for work, without changing your job or the people. Move away from anger, frustration and low morale.

Enjoy People More

Take the strain off your relationships and enjoy being around your team and your loved ones again

Heart-centred Leadership

Be the leader you are on the inside. Turn the people at work back in to allies, so they respect and seek out your leadership.

Better Results

Take back control of your results. Start contributing your best, from true generosity and care, and feel greater reward.

Overcome burnout with simple practical tools

The Burnout to Leadership program shows you step-by-step how to dismantle burnout. It's tried and tested. You will learn the simplest, least complicated way to rekindle your energy and enthusiasm.


You COULD try to fix burnout yourself, but throwing more fire-power at burnout makes it worse. That's how you got here in the first place.


Applying the tools in Burnout to Leadership  will KEEP YOU OUT OF BURNOUT FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.


Men who practice these tools for just 15 minutes a day start to feel radically better within 30 days

Develop your highest leadership potential

Leadership is not a job title. It's a part of who you are, whether you lead people or not. Heart-centred leadership can apply to anyone, from the janitor to the president. 


It's the principle of empowering others to contribute to their highest potential. You have a natural urge to do this, huh?


When you take care of your people, encouraging their authentic style and talents, they will deliver their best results. Profit inherently follows.

In this program, we will develop your leadership skills based on proven strategies, emotional intelligence and heart-centred leadership best practice.


Book a free strategy session

You are a Type A professional - you already have what it takes to make a go of this. 


I've got your back. I will guide you from your personal experience of burnout back to resilient, performant leadership.


If you think you don't have time right now, the program itself will help you reclaim the time and energy you need.


Click the button below, come and talk to me about what's pissing you off at work, and we'll make a plan to fix it and release your performance and leadership abilities.

Here's what other got from the free strategy session

I felt a lot better getting that first call done, it went well. I didnt know what to expect, but I was encouraged because I feel like I can make progress and we can get some places where I need to be.

After the call I was pretty excited to go ahead and make a plan and to have somebody to work with each week.​ I got a lot better sleep in the days since the call!​

I came away feeling very encouraged by our conversation and I feel like it gave me a sense of momentum and I still have that, so I'm eager to get to work.​  

I'm feeling really a sense of possibility right now. I need to work with my anxiety. Dex really helped me to understand myself more. That's one of my biggest takeaways.  

My clients recover their work mojo

to create their biggest contribution yet
and you can too

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