I help people recover from burnout, by teaching them work survival skills. Join me on a free call to start.

Start enjoying

work again

  • Lift Mood and Performance

    by reducing stress, anxiety, overwork, frustration and exhaustion

  • Reduce Relationship Friction
    by turning your workmates back in to allies and forging more productive partnerships

  • Rebuild Your Inner Resources

    by developing resilience and finding your power, so you naturally feel more fulfilled

What you can achieve with coaching

Find Your Passion

You’re going to discover how to reignite your enthusiasm for work, without changing your job or the people

Work Less Hours

Work less but better. Forget the always-on mentality, time wasting, overwhelm and procrastination.

Better Results

Take back control of your results. Start giving out of true generosity and care, and feel greater reward.

Enjoy People More

Take the strain off your relationships and enjoy being around your team and your loved ones again

Be the Leader

Start turning the people at work back in to allies and have them respect you as a leader again.

Reduce Stress

Stop worrying about your performance, other people's opinions and job security.

Let's make your burnout action plan

Come on a free call with me, tell me your current issues and we will make an action plan together to resolve them.

If you like what you hear, let's work together to achieve that plan.

If not, I will give you as much help as I can on the call and wish you well. No worries.

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What Clients Say

I battled perfectionism, people pleasing, indecisiveness, shame, guilt, and anxiety. My happiness was extrinsically linked. I have seen exponential growth in my personal and professional life. I finally found my self-worth. I learned self-compassion. My relationships with others have become deeper and more meaningful. I have become more decisive. Dex is an amazing coach. He will guide you, and open your mind to things you never knew possible.



This work has allowed me to de-clutter my mind, gain new insights and see my old barriers to success. When I shifted my mindset, it brought success in raising $500k


Startup CEO

I'm feeling really happy with myself right now. I feel a lot, lot better. I have a much better grasp on the anxiety. There's huge progress. I'm thinking about all the little ways I've progressed. Wow, that was just six weeks. I feel compassion towards myself and my self-care has increased. Dex really helped me to love myself more. That's one of my biggest takeaways.  


Sales Area Manager

I came in feeling depressed and trapped in my thinking. Working with Dex got results faster than I anticipated. I was surprised to learn that I have a choice over the way I am thinking and feeling. Just some awareness was enough to create a shift.​ It's definitely worth taking a chance on coaching. Progress can be made in a very short time.


Manager energy derivatives

I've been working with Dex thus far with two great positive results: ongoing permanent employment at my legal job and an invitation to return next year at my teaching job.



I have developed a heightened awareness of life on purpose. I feel like a light inside of me has been lit and is burning brighter and brighter as I delve deeper in to this process. Life is great.


Athlete and Educator

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How we rewire our brains


The process by which new neurons are formed in the brain.
"Neurogenesis is the birth of new brain cells, e.g. the hippocampus can grow new brain cells up until death"
Max Lugavere
Science Journalist/Filmmaker


"If your brain is damaged, you can repair your brain"
Mark Hyman MD


The ability of the brain to form and reorganize synaptic connections, via learning, experience or injury. We CAN rewire our brains, to form new memories, beliefs and automatic responses. 

"We have it within in our power at any point in life to improve the operational status of our brain"
Prof. Michael Merzenich, PhD


Changes due to modification of gene expression.

"Our genes are not locked in to produce exactly an outcome called 'us', they are there as a potential. There's much more plasticity in our ability to [change] how we think, eat, act, move. All these are signals our genes pick up and create an outcome of 'us'"
Jeffrey Bland PhD

​In practice, how we rewire our brains

When we understand neurogenesis, neuroplasticity and epigenetics, it becomes clear that we CAN change our minds. Old 'unused' thoughts and automatic response patterns get pruned from our memories and we use neuroplasticity to imprint new automatic responses to stimuli and replace old thought patterns. Neurogenesis gives our brains the physical chance to adapt as we learn. Epigenetics allows us to change our entire being in response to our new attitudes - we can literally become a new person.

We can increase physical health and mental wellbeing by replacing thoughts that stimulate adrenaline/cortisol with thoughts that have a more positive and calming effect. This triggers the parasympathetic nervous system to begin rest and repair, which slows the heart rate, stops adrenaline and cortisol production, increases immune function, digestion, muscle and tissue regeneration, sleep, growth, memory processing and sexual function. This brings our systems back to normal healthy function.


In practice, we use the scientifically-proven principles of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to literally change our thinking and how we respond to situations, in order to create new mental habits, beliefs and even memories. As we do this, we downgrade old thought patterns, which are then dropped from memory. This changes everything.


You CAN teach an old dog new tricks.

I help people recover from burnout, by teaching them work survival skills. Join me on a free call to start.

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